The JPS Main Course Curriculum

Including The JPS System™

Finally Follow A Clear, Organized, and Structured, Step-By-Step Road Map To Achieve Jazz Piano Freedom

Without guessing at what to practice, feeling embarrassed, insecure, searching endlessly for the information you want, and without wasting your time.

It doesn't matter if you're BRAND new to jazz piano with NO prior lessons, or have been taking lessons for 15+ years like I had...The JPS Main Course Curriculum™ is built to give you a solid foundation, fill holes in prior education and ensure you break through your current plateaus and sticking points to...

Achieve Your Dream Of Jazz Piano Freedom

(HINT: The plan looks something like this...)

Let's face it...most people will tell you learning jazz piano is a crap shoot. 


Some might say you either have it, or you don't.


There was a time when jazz piano taught by just showing and copying. 


Basically, "Watch me then you copy me and try it" method. 

If you've tried learning jazz piano then you have without a doubt used this method!


Whether you're taking lessons, watching youtube videos, or reading books I'm sure you've might have slightly realized that this "Watch me then you copy me and try it" process has simply just...




This old school process is kinda like dumping a puzzle on the ground and trying to put it together...

...without a picture on it. 


Yeaaa...not going to happen.


There's NO plan, NO system, NO road map, and thousands of general tips of advice.


Like having hundreds of keys, but no clue what doors they go to. 


Unfortunately, this was my experience too, but luckily I made a discovery and created a

NEW way of learning jazz piano that allowed me to achieve jazz piano FREEDOM.


How you might ask?



FACT: Students Need A Clear, Structured Plan To Follow That Contains Jazz Piano Tools...

( that you UNDERSTAND what you're learning, instead of copying everything like a brain dead zombie)

Think about it...when has copying EVER helped you actually LEARN something!


Did copying homework help you learn math? Nope.


Could you copy the way Michael Phelps swims, then swim like him? Most likely not.


We search around youtube, take lessons, jumping around from topic to topic, copying licks, copying voicings, reading sheet music or previous arranged jazz tunes and playing transcriptions...


...without ever knowing that these "traditional methods" of learning jazz by copying are the EXACT SHACKLES that never let us achieve our dream of sitting down at the piano, and just spontaneously playing and expressing what WE want. 


I did this for 15+ years and guess what...I NEVER reached my dream.


I didn't even get close! 


Then one simple day, I made a discovery that transformed my playing forever.


And is currently transforming the playing of thousands of others all over the world.

The JPS System™

The reason JPS has helped thousands of students achieve success at learning jazz piano is due to our systematic and structured learning approach.


Most common styles of jazz piano education have you copy, mimic or playback, different licks, transcriptions, voicings, and arrangements of standards.


This can lead to holes or gaps in your playing and hardly any self-expression freedom...not to mention frustration and self-doubt.


Jazz Piano School provides you with a different learning approach...


Our learning system begins by teaching small jazz piano Theory tools that progress through categories. 


This is called a "THEORY SEQUENCE".


This ensures success and complete FREEDOM at jazz piano.

The JPS System™ contained in the Main Course Curriculum uses "Theory Sequences" to teach you jazz piano freedom.


These "Theory Sequences" are based off proven language learning blocks. They're kinda like Legos.


"Theory Sequences" allow to quickly learn jazz piano tools, combine them however you want, (kinda like legos), so that you can FREELY express and most importantly, feel HAPPY while you play.


Instead of being handcuffed by copying arrangements, reading transcriptions, and infusing other peoples licks into your playing.


After 15+ years of pain & frustration I built the Main Course Curriculum so you wouldn't have to go through all the headaches, self-doubt, and searching that I went through.


Unlike many other online jazz piano sites, The Main Course is completely sequential.

Meaning every lesson builds upon the next through out 600+ videos.


It will take you from ANY level, (even if you know nothing about jazz piano) to a point in which you can sit down at any piano and freely self-express yourself through jazz with ease and feel happy.


The 3 Level Main Course Curriculum

 Is Perfect For You If...

  • You’ve tried to learn jazz piano but never really understood what was going on. You're VERY CONFUSED!

  • You’re looking for a clear, structured, systematic, long term plan to transform your playing.  

  • You don’t understand why you can’t make progress with books, dvd, youtube, and teachers and everything seems so hard. 

  • You're a complete beginner and have taken a couple of piano lessons and want a sequential plan to start learning jazz piano efficiently and quickly.

  • You've taken years of classical lessons but now want to learn jazz piano and need a great place to start that will create a solid foundation and help you start playing quickly!

  • You never EXACTLY know what to practice or what you should be learning to improve your jazz piano skills .

  • You’re frustrated with not having a road map to follow that will ensure consistent progress. You love the music but you feel like quitting. 

  • You enjoy organization and clear direction.

  • You've been studying with the same teacher, or other online jazz piano site for years and still feel lost.

  • You never completely understand what you're playing or how to connect the dots, even when learning from different educational resources.

  • All the lessons, and materials you learn from always JUMP around and differ in DIFFICULTY leading to no type of cohesive learning environment. 

  • You just want an EASY map and PLAN to follow and haven't been able to find it! If you can just get a road map you'll do the work because you love the music!

If you can relate to any of the statements above then you are PERFECT for the JPS Main Course Curriculum.

Here's What You Get Inside

600+  Lesson Videos On Any Device

(Two Keyboard View With Note Names)

Lifetime 3 Level Access

(Designed for ALL skill levels)

Over 3400+ Practice Exercises

(Specific exercises for every step of the way)

Over 500+ Pages of Lesson Text

(You can study and read about the concepts anywhere)

Step-By-Step Learning. No Guessing :)

Journey or Library Learning Paths

(Follow our popular Journey Path or jump around)

Over 640+ Pages of Workbook Exercises

(Writing helps you learn 10x faster!)

Private JPS Freedom Learner Community

(Get help, feedback & support from other members)

Main Course Curriculum

You're probably wondering what is taught in the levels. Take a look!

Level 1 - Beginner (16 Lessons)

The Beginner level was designed for someone who has absolutely no prior experience with jazz piano or piano in general. It is also best for someone who started taking lessons but then could never figure much out or make much progress.

(Beginner Summary)

Level 2 - Intermediate (16 Lessons)

The Intermediate level was designed for someone who could play a couple of tunes, improvise a little bit, and knows some voicings but could never reach their dream of spontaneously playing with freedom over any tune with rich, lush, sounding voicings and improv lines. 

(Intermediate Summary)

Level 3 - Advanced (16 Lessons)

The Advanced level was built to dive deep into high level harmonies, improvisation and help someone reach a pro level in which they're expressing their soul through jazz piano freedom and playing gigs if desired.

(Advanced Summary)

What Our Members Are Saying

So...what would it be worth to you if...

  • In just 3 months from now you were sitting down at any piano of your choosing and spontaneously creating rich, lush, beautiful sounding jazz arrangements from your soul, rather than reading music.

  • You could finally have a valuable and time-leveraged sequential plan that allows you to achieve your jazz piano dream, share your music with your loved ones and strangers, and touch the lives of others.

  • You had 100% confidence in your ability to play in groups, jam sessions, and in front of other people because you no longer feel embarrassed, inadequate, and doubtful that people won't enjoy your playing.

  • You had every step (and I mean EVERY step) in the jazz piano process clearly laid out for you so that you never have to face the dreaded questions of "what do I do next?"...and instead could put your energy and focus into the task at hand. 

  • You could open up to any of your favorite jazz tunes and create amazing and beautiful arrangements on the spot without thinking, guessing, stumbling, or getting up from the piano in frustration. 

  • You could spontaneously play burnin' improvised solos over any tune that made you smile as you played and say "Wow! I actually sound fantastic!" 

  • For once you felt happy, TRULY HAPPY, because you were actually able to let your soul express it's OWN SELF through the music of jazz like you've always imagined, instead of copying other people's playing and arrangements. 

  • You FINALLY accomplished your lifelong dream of playing jazz piano like you've always imagined.

That's the opportunity I want to give you today.

“This is by far the best ONLINE jazz piano course I've ever seen.”

Ron Rego, 4 Year Member


And get...

Full Access To The Entire Main Course Curriculum

You'll get access to 600+ lesson videos, all three levels, two path option, and clear, precise, step-by-step learning in order to ensure you achieve jazz piano freedom .


  • Learn the proper jazz piano tools and in the correct order to unlock your true potential and express yourself through music. 

  • Easily follow a simple step-by-step process that will serve as your jazz piano road map for the rest of your life.

  • Learn from the highly popular and successful Jazz Piano School System™ that is currently helping thousands of students around the world.

  • Join a strong, fun, supportive community of Freedom Learners that will inspire, motivate, and encourage you to push beyond your limits.

  • Find TRUE happiness in following a clear, structured, and organized PLAN that will lead you down the correct path, in the correct ORDER to jazz piano freedom.

and more...


  • 600+ Learning & Practice Videos

  • Our 48 Lesson Curriculum containing all three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Start anywhere you wish.

  • Full Journey & Library Access

  • 3400+ Practice Exercises. (Available to download print & keep)

  • 3400+ Practice Exercises. (Available to download print & keep)

  • 641+ Workbook Exercises

  • 537+ Pages Of Lesson Text

  • Unlimited Upgrades

  • Private JPS Facebook Freedom Learner Community Access

  • Specialized JPS System™ of Learning Jazz Piano 


Subscription Options

Tier 2 - Lifetime ELITE Access

Lifetime ELITE is our highest access option. This includes LIFETIME access to EVERYTHING inside of Jazz Piano School.

  • Lifetime Access To Our 600+ Main Course Curriculum

    Our completely sequential Main Course Curriculum is what puts Jazz Piano School as the #1 leading provider in online Jazz Piano Education. Our Main Curriculum was built to be completely step by step in order to provide structure and organization for your jazz piano journey. 


    "I wanted to remove as much frustration, stress, doubt, insecurity, and depression by providing a complete road map and plan that anyone could follow and use to achieve their jazz piano dream. I experienced a lot of wasted time, sadness, doubt and blown money in my jazz piano journey and wanted to ensure that others had a completely opposite experience!


    -Brenden Lowe, Creator and Founder

  • Lifetime Access To The JPS Lab

    Sometimes you need a quick win, or you just need that "one little piece" of education to propel you forward. Our Lab area was built to provide innovative and creative ways of providing modern jazz piano education. This includes our Artist Highlight Area, Gig Analysis, Live Lessons and more. 

  • Lifetime Access To All Specialty Courses

    There are some jazz piano topics that need just a little bit extra attention and specific focus. This exactly what our Specialty Course area is for. Going deeper down the rabbit hole for all of the students interested in learning more about particular topics. 

  • Lifetime Access To All FUTURE Specialty Courses

    Were you wondering about our price tag? Well with this option you're getting access to all courses we release in the This is like investing in apple during their IPO except obviously you're not going to be making'll be getting a wealth of jazz piano education without ever having to ever pay another dime. 

One-Payment of $2,997

Your Privacy Is Our Number One Concern. Your information Is Safe!


At Jazz Piano School we have a FULL, 30-day money back guarantee. Our only mission is to help you achieve jazz piano freedom so if you are unsatisfied or unhappy in anyway, shape, or form, simply let us know and we will FULLY refund all of your money, no questions asked. 

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